Saturday, February 18, 2012

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Celeb Couples Who Fell in Love on Set
Even though it's common for Hollywood costars to become romantically involved on set, it's still considered hot gossip and a little taboo. Office romance sometimes leads to a long-term relationship or marriage, but, usually, it ends in an awkward and messy breakup. Check out these hot Hollywood couples (some still together, some not) that met at their workplace

Here’s some sad news for ya — most of the couples on our Best Hookups of 2010 list broke up by now. Remember Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift? Ha! But it’s a good thing there’s no shortage of hooking up and falling in lust in Hollywood. Because we had a whole new crop of cutey couples in 2011, including Cody and Kylie, Blake and Ryan and Bella and Garrett, and somehow we think these guys will last longer than last year’s counterparts.

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